Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Whenever I look at these… the topic always strikes me…

The 3DMG must be a pain to strap on and off on a regular basics…

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do they got the booty 


I’m gonna reblog this now because I’ve seen it on my dash approximately 2,467 times on the course of a year and while I hate to have it on my blog (despite its obvious magnificence) I need to tell you something: THE ARTIST HAS VERY CLEARLY EXPRESSED THAT THEY DO NOT WANT THEIR WORK REPOSTED. Not knowing Japanese is not an excuse since they have actually gone through the trouble of also writing it in English on their pixiv profile.

Please respect artists’ rights to determine where and how their works are displayed.

Basically, just don’t repost stuff, ever. Go on pixiv if you want to see pixiv artists’ works.

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i just remembered

last night i dreamed i was a duck

it was weird

if you want dessert kind of pancakes/crepes, add sugar and vanilla in the mix. if for food (ie not dessert) add a pinch of salt. usually they req eggs, but if you can think of an equivalent, knock yourself out tbh

eggs are pretty unnecessary in pancake batter as far as i know so i’m just gonna go with flour/water/salt & all the cooking oil i possess and see what happens

i just made like three liters of batter i’m gonna be eating pancakes till next week (hope they don’t taste like shit, that would be sad)

it’s 1:40 at night, a perfect time for pancakes

thatcharmingjerk asked: I bet you'd like my moms chickens, and how they live, mom lets them walk around the yard every day at summer and then she can't come inside because she has to look after them so hawks or stuff don't get them. They are nice birds !!

sounds like heaven, chickens are fucking adorable and i seriously want to get some at some point in my life just because they’re cute and perfect and i’ve just always wanted chickens ok

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

jesus i emailed our guidance counselor to ask about graduating in autumn (as in what do i need to do to make that possible, like applying for extra time or whatever) and she just responded with repeating the dates from my email and telling me that yes i need to apply for extra time but she didn’t give me any directions as to how the fuck that is done, what is required, and what kind of schedule i should follow

thanks tamk, you’re such a fantastic school that takes such a good care of its students

how can you hang out with me if you hate talking animals

i meant fictional talking animals, ur real so it ok